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PostSubject: MEET CASEY GARWIN; TAG'S PAIN IN THE ASS   Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:01 am

Casey’s life seemed like it was all too very simple and for the most part it was minus the fact she had a family secret to keep. She often wonder how, a girl like herself, had managed to keep something so big secret when she can’t keep anything else to herself. Maybe it was the fact this secret was so huge that one slip of the tongue could cause everything she ever knew to blow up in her face. At a very young age she knew that her family was different but it took her a while to catch on. Maybe it was the young age, or the blondeness she suffers from? Whatever the case over time she finally came to terms to what was so different. Her father and oldest brother both have special powers. She often found herself jealous since she didn’t have them but when learning about all the stress and drama that could come about she didn’t believe she was strong enough of a person to handle such a special thing.

She was very luck to know that she wasn’t alone since she has always knew there were other families out there. In the middle century, her father’s family along with four others created a special covenant of secrets to save them from witch hunters. However, one family began stirring up trouble and was banished from the covenant for good. The main goal they were trying to strive for was the opportunity to live a life free of worrying about their safety. They all managed to have children and grow old. It wasn’t until the year Reid, Tyler, Caleb, and Pogue where close to their eighteen birthday, the age their powers become the strongest, when a descendent of the banished family came back to cause the down fall of the hundred plus year old covenant. In the end, good, you could say, triumphed over evil. The whole history of the covenant was part of her history and she vowed to never speak a word of it to anyone.

Now at the age of sixteen almost seventeen so far everything in her life seems so easy. She has her siblings by her side, and other children from her father’s group of friends she can hang out with, and in secret open up about their true history. It all was a lot to handle but thankfully she was able to. Even though her home life was a bit crazy she had managed to grow up to be a happy and healthy young girl like anyone else. She likes to hang out with her friends, secretly crushes on her brothers’ friends, gets good grades in school, supports her school by being on the tennis team, and gets along for the most part with her three other siblings. She likes to think she gets along best with Talan, but like any brother and sister they fight. He has grown to be rather protective over her which she loves knowing that he will always be there to protect her but at times it is like having a second father.

As for the relationship with her parents she got along with them for the most part. She was the most like her mother in the aspect that she was open, understanding, good hearted, sweet, and oh so very beautiful. When it came to the genes from her father she was a bit of a smartass, loyal as hell, and a bit of a joker. She has become her own person even though a lot of her personalities reflect her parents and the way she was brought up. Even though she attended a well known school she was not stuck up for bitchy. In fact, she was the complete opposite. She wasn’t afraid to go out on a limb and befriend people who her family may or may not approve of. Casey liked learning things for herself rather than always just taking someone’s word. Probably why she has had her heart broken so many times and always ends up hurt in one way or another. Like they say, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. She might not have powers like Talan or her daddy she still is just as strong as either of them.

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