An RPG based off their prodigies.
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just a taste
just a taste

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PostSubject: biography.   Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:23 am

Jack Simms had gone through life being a complete replica of his father. Aside from the fact that he wasn't the youngest in the coven, but he might has well had been. A lot of the way he was now stemmed from everything he learned from his father. As if looking and acting exactly like him wasn't enough. Since he'd turned thirteen years old, his father had tried to scare him into not using his powers. While Jack did ultimately not use his powers excessively, they were already addicting in the sense of having such an extraordinary gift and being told not to use them. Though, for good reason. He didn't want his body to age and render him useless. Besides, what's the point of practicing these powers if they're not suppose to use them? What's a witch who can't use their powers? There's gotta be meaning to having these gifts. After all, they proved useful back during their fathers' reign.

He didn't always have a lot to say. Simply because, the four of them traveled in a group, and the other three always had much more to say then he did. Jack was awkward, and was most definitely shy. At least when first meeting people. He's completely different around the guys. Well, that is when he's not sleeping.
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