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PostSubject: biography.   Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:56 am

Sierra was born in Friendship, Maine, but she didn't have many memories of the place. She assumed she blocked them out, because the one's she did remember weren't exactly fond one's. Her and her mother left when they she was five, staying at random hotels every week as they made their way around the New England states. From what she did remember, it was her father that had caused them to run. A few years later, they did eventually settle in Salem, Massachusetts. She didn't remember what became of her father. They had moved so many times prior to settling down, because he had been following them. Her mother told her one day that they didn't have to run anymore; that they were safe here. That their ancestors were from here.

That was when her mother told her that she was special. And why she was special. Sierra was still young, so she didn't really understand it, but her mother forced her to read books on their family's history. It was around the time when she first arrived there when she met up with a couple of other girls. Other girls who were special, like her. They didn't seem to understand it either, but as a group they learned about their past more then they focused on their future. Those three girls became sisters to Sierra. They became really the only people she ever felt comfortable talking to. They were the first people she ever talked to about her father. It wasn't until mid-story that she began to recall events that she hadn't remembered prior to that moment. It was as if her mind was unleashing memories she had carefully tucked away. He had been an alcoholic who beat both her and her mother. She had been so scared on the nights he'd stumble home, but now that she thought back on it? She was angry.

From that day forward, Sierra had developed a dry attitude. It didn't help that every time her mom brought a date home, she could hear them having sex from the room next to hers. A few days later, she'd find her mother sobbing and could only assume that it was because he had broken up with her, because she'd never see said guy after that. It didn't matter, because within the next few days, her mother would bring another man home. Sierra didn't say anything about it, but it really did a number on her mind. On how relationships were actually like. When Sierra came into her powers, she distinctly remembered one man in particular that her mom had been seeing. He was like any of the other guys. Except he didn't break up with her. He hit her. Sierra didn't know what happened next, except that the guy was staring up at her on their front lawn looking absolutely mortified. He didn't come back.

From that day forward, Sierra didn't believe in love. Nor did she really thing she ever had to talk to a guy, unless she was up for a little fun. So, her mother had rubbed off on her a bit, big deal. Upon entering high school was when she and the rest of her coven were reminded of a certain feud that was alluded in their ancestors books. The sons of ipswich attended the same private school as her and the other three girls did. They were enemies with the four boys, but apparently the boys coven was under the impression that their rival's ancestors had been killed off back during the Salem witch trials. And since then, the girls coven had kept their existence a secret from them. It was a hatred that ran deep within them, generation after generation. Sierra was no different, but hated the fact that she couldn't even use her powers to mess around with them, like she could with regular mortals. Giving anyone of these boys one indication that there were other witches - especially their coven in particular - in their midst, would be disastrous.

There was nothing more attractive to Sierra then something that was forbidden to her. Tag Garwin was sexy enough to warrant her attention without being someone that was 'forbidden'.

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