An RPG based off their prodigies.
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 Character Backgrounds.

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The Sons of Ipswich

  • Caleb Danvers

Caleb Danvers, is the captain of Spencer Academy's swimming team. He is the oldest of "The Sons of Ipswich" and the only child of William and Evelyn Danvers. He is exceptionally competitive and expects nothing other than the best from himself. A star student and freestyle champion, his future is lined with his intelligence, hard work and strong will to win. Sarah Wenham is his girlfriend, whom he met while attending an end of summer party and is very in love with her. He is the most cautious in the group and is always careful not to use his powers too much. However, the legacy of the Danvers family weighs heavily on him. Living at his big family estate, he harbors a dark secret which he eventually shares with Sarah. He is the only one of the four who has seen up close the terrifying effects of their growing abilities. On his 18th birthday, he came face to face with the descendant of the fifth family that formed the original Sons of Ipswich. The outcome was grim but not for Caleb, who won the fight. Sharing his secrets with Sarah only caused their relationship to grown stronger. They eventually were married and had three children (a set of twins and then another child two years later) who are now students at Spencer Academy.

  • Pogue Parry

He is the second oldest "Son of Ipswich". He is possessive of his longtime love, girlfriend Kate Tunney and gets jealous of her talking to other guys. He's usually rude and disorderly when not in the company of Caleb. As the only son of one of Ipswich's most well-known families, much is expected from him. However, he is an average student and lacks academic interest. When he is not with girlfriend Kate, he spends his free time racing his beloved motorcycle in ways that would make the most reckless daredevils stare in awe. Pogue is an adamant friend no matter what or how tough the situation. He tends to pair off with Caleb. Upon graduation, him and his girlfriend broke up but to his surprise she was pregnant. During birth she died, which left Pogue a single father but with the help of his friends he was able to raise his only child without a hitch. His child also attends Spencer Academy.

  • Reid Garwin

Deceitful and roguish Reid Garwin, is the third oldest "Son of Ipswich". He is a brash and a persistent practical joker. He is always looking to stir up trouble, he even gets into a fight with Caleb for picking a fight in a club. He enjoys using his powers more, perhaps excessively more, than anybody else in the group. However, he isn't a rebel and does look up to Caleb to help him out of messes. Although he is reckless, he is very loyal to his friends. Going off to college without his friends to look after him he seemed to always find himself in messes until he met and fell in love with a woman with the same gifts as him. It was then he realized they were not the only ones. Spending his time as a loyal husband, and father he settled down some but still got a kick out of randomly blowing up girls skirts to see what kind of panties they were wearing his wife, of course, never found it very assuming. They have four children together who now attend Spencer Academy.

  • Tyler Simms

The youngest of the Sons of Ipswich, he is shy and quiet. He can act somewhat awkwardly in front of girls and tends to pair off with Reid. He also has a new Hummer which he is very proud of. He is uncomfortable around tension and has a tendency to state the obvious once in a while. He also looks up to Caleb and his very loyal to his brothers of Ipswich. While everyone was kicking starting their lives he remained by Reid side for many years before he found a woman who complimented him. Together they had two children but recently split up. Since he wanted the children to get the same education as him he talked her into letting them attend Spencer Academy where they could be around other kids like them.
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Character Backgrounds.
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