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 ( COMPLETE ) - Sierra & Brielle.

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PostSubject: ( COMPLETE ) - Sierra & Brielle.   Sat May 10, 2008 9:50 pm

SYNOPSIS: The girls talk.
DATE: 4 May 2008
LOCATION: Ava & Sierra's dorm
RATING: PG, for now.
STATUS: Incomplete
NOTES: After a mishap with Jack, Ava goes back to tell Sierra about what happened.
OPEN TO: Ava & Brielle.

Truth was, Sierra was a pretty okay morning person - just not when woken up. There were times when she got up in the morning to run herself, but that was when planned to do so the night before. This Sunday had not been a morning she anticipated on waking up. Especially not by her roommate throwing herself onto her bed. She'd kill her later. It was one hell of a wake-up call, that was sure. A few minutes after Ava had left, she poured herself out of bed. She paused for a moment as she stood upright, a hand going to her stomach the other to her head. Uh, this was going to suck. After another moment of steadying herself, she reached for her cell phone - sending Tag a text message. Because, well, that's what she did when she woke up on the weekends if she knew he had already planned on being up himself.

Flinging her cell phone back onto her bed, she grabbed her bag of things she needed for the shower. She had decided she was going to take a long shower. For one, she had nothing else better to do at the asscrack of dawn, and two she felt like absolute crap. Only she knew why, of course. A hand steadied out to rest against the wall of the shower, while beads of water dripped down her body. Sierra was excellent at keeping secrets. Not only from the guys, more specifically Tag, but the girls, too. She often wondered why she kept things from the girls - they were just that, her girls. It just seemed easier. Once she finished up in the shower, she lingered in there for a few extra moments. She still felt gross, and being in the showering room made her feel better. If she puked all over herself, she could just hop right back in.

Nevertheless, she made her way back to the dorm room her and Ava shared. After setting her things down, she reached to grab for her phone finding it odd that she had a text from Ava only about a half hour after she'd rudely awoken her. What a bitch, she was probably going to rub it in. Sitting down on the bed, she looked at the text in confusion, before responding quickly - thinking nothing of it at first. Though, Ava sounded serious and it was highly unlikely of her to have her say she was just kidding after sounding like that. Though, Sierra always took something as sarcasm until proven otherwise. Receiving another text from her, she arched a brow. What did they need to talk about? Before she really had the chance to ponder it much more - Ava walked in. Sierra arched back to glance at her friend as the door opened, and her cell phone dropped to the side. She didn't like the look on her face. "... what do we need to talk about?" She wondered if Ava had found out about Sierra's little secret, but somehow she knew that wasn't it.

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PostSubject: Re: ( COMPLETE ) - Sierra & Brielle.   Wed May 14, 2008 5:35 pm

The sun peeked over the horizon, wisps of pink and orange bleeding into the dark blues of the evening sky. Every Saturday night, Brielle occupied herself with trivial tasks so that she could witness the majesty of the Sunday sunrise. Despite the fact that it was no different from any other day, she enjoyed her Sunday morning routine the most. No sunrise ever seemed as crisp or promising as on the lazy morning that marked the beginning of a brand new week, which inevitably was bubbling over with infinite possibilities. In the silence of her room, nothing else existed in the world. She found herself immersed in the refreshing calm of the first light of day breaking, her restless soul finally settling as she found herself completely in sync with nature. Pulling her legs to her chest, she rested her chin atop her knees as she marveled in the splendor of the sunrise.

By the time the sun had made its debut in the morning sky, Brielle had been awake for nearly twenty-four hours. She lowered herself onto her hands and knees on the floor, spine curved as she stretched like a cat. Once completely limber, the brunette scampered to her feet as she twirled her hair into a messy bun atop her head. Gathering her key and cell phone, she padded down the hall to her friends’ room. She paused outside the door, wondering if she should obnoxiously barge in or stealthily creep into the room. Decisions, decisions. Much to her surprise, the knob turned easily. “Well, that was easy,” she quietly muttered to herself as she gently pushed open the door. It appeared her foray into stealth mode had been unwarranted, as she heard Sierra ask Ava what they needed to talk about.

“About how much you’ve missed that crazy bitch Brielle,” she responded with a tone of amusement. Bouncing into the room, she plopped herself onto the blonde’s bed as she burrowed herself beneath the covers. In the process, she accidentally kicked her friend in the ass. “Oops. I’m too lazy to reach over and grab it, and apparently my foot is a bit overzealous when in such proximity to your ass.” A simple apology would have sufficed, but that was certainly not in Brielle’s nature. She enjoyed talking, mostly because she loved the sound of her own voice. Arrogant? Perhaps a bit, but that did not mean that she did not respect other people’s feelings. She just valued her own above anyone else’s. Once settled in the bed, she yawned softly before looking back and forth between the two girls. Eyes widened a bit, a sheepish look shadowing her face. “Uh oh. Am I interrupting something?”

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( COMPLETE ) - Sierra & Brielle.
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